New 100% Natural Café Steamers

All Natural. All Delicious.

We are excited to announce that we are transitioning our Steaming Entrée products to our Café Steamers line. Our 100% Natural Café Steamer meals are culinary-inspired with larger portions of vegetables, and a crisp and fresh taste, unlocked by our unique dual steaming tray.

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Another Delicious Win

Meet The Meal That Won A Self Healthy Food Award.

We’re proud to announce that our Top Chef inspired Chicken & Potatoes with Peach BBQ Sauce meal was awarded the SELF Healthy Food Award for the "Best Frozen Meat Meal." But don’t take their word for it, judge the deliciousness for yourself.

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New Healthy Choice Complete Meals offer a balanced culinary inspiration on every plate. Using their expertise, Healthy Choice chefs have carefully crafted each new recipe, perfectly pairing the right ingredients to create a healthy and delicious meal that includes an entrée, side dish and even dessert.

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Live Healthy

About Our Food

When chefs get inspired, healthy gets delicious.

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Healthy Inspirations

We’re proud to say that across the country, people have chosen to ditch their fad diets in favor of living healthy. In the spirit of Healthy Choice’s “Don’t Diet. Live Healthy.” campaign, some of our fans shared their best anti-fad diet stores.

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New Recipes for Greek Frozen Yogurt

Our Greek Frozen Yogurt is the perfect anytime treat that comes in a variety of flavors, like our mouthwatering Strawberry. We blended real strawberries with refreshing tart Greek Frozen Yogurt for a treat that's low in calories and high in creamy deliciousness. Use it in smoothies, sundaes or even shortcakes!

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  2. Strawberry Greek Frozen Yogurt


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  3. Chicken & Spinach Alfredo


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  4. Fudge Bars


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