Ditching Diets.

Inspiring stories from healthy fans.

  • Amber D, 33 Concord, NC

    I am ditching diet drinks for healthier options, like Healthy Choice. I just had a Baked Entrée dish and it was fantastic!

  • Amber S, 26 Owens Cross Roads, AL

    I’ve lost a little over 90 lbs in about a year and a half without fad diets! Just good old-fashioned calorie counting, eating well, and exercise. This picture includes my progress so far, cookies that I enjoy in moderation, and a hearty, healthy salad. I eat well, enjoy sweets in moderation, and exercise to get & stay healthy for my family & myself! Getting healthy doesn’t have to be torture!

  • Crissy G, 30 Sylacauga, AL

    I am promising to dance every chance I get with my family, in order to shed the pounds. I want to make sure I’m not only losing weight, but having fun while doing it (with the ones I love)!

  • Jennifer L, 29 Kent, WA

    Ditch the diet and live healthy with Healthy Choice!

  • Jessica G, 28 Nashville, TN

    I am ditching diets and living a healthy lifestyle by watching my portions and just being active! If you are eating smart, wholesome foods and living an active lifestyle, you can’t go wrong. My favorite way to stay in shape is by taking long hikes with my dog. We both get exercise and it doesn’t make it feel like work when you include a friend!

  • Karen F, 34 Topsham, ME

    I believe the best way to be “be healthy” is through a healthy diet and lots of exercise. I also find some mind cleansing is also helpful since stress is just a trigger that leads to bad habits, so I added some yoga to my life. Love all the benefits it gives me!

  • Laura R, 30 Waynesboro, PA

    Making healthy choices is definitely NOT about dieting, but about making lifelong decisions to be health conscious in both diet and exercise. This philosophy helps me to remember that a healthy life is a marathon, not a sprint!

  • Maggie Y, 32 Richfield Springs, NY

    Diets don’t work! To maintain a healthy life, I work out 4 days a week. I eat right, drink lots of water, and take my vitamin.

  • Michael C, 32 Greensboro, NC

    I try not to diet. I try to eat a normal balanced meal throughout the day. But I do like to stay active. I take my dog for a walk every day, go on runs, ride a bike, and my favorite activity is going to different places and going hiking. It is a great activity, beautiful, and a good workout.

  • Shannon K, 29 Brentwood, CA

    We are saying goodbye to fad diets as a family and getting healthy the natural way by taking daily walks to the park with our two toddlers and our labradoodle. We all get fresh air and sunshine, exercise, and more quality time as a family – nothing to lose but extra weight! :)

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